Bespoke Suits Italian style Custom Made-to-Measure Garments for Men and Women

CG Tailors are known for highlighting your personality with a Custommade Tailored Suit. You know what they say- ‘A made-to-measure tailored Suit always shines brighter than a prêt-à-porter outfit’. One simply cannot deny the touch of a custom/bespoke Suit made-to-measure, which reflects the pure blend of fashion of high-quality fabric, the finest stitching and elegant style.


For any occasion, exquisite made-to-measure Suits transform you from a ‘Boy’ into ‘Man’. The look and feel of a good fitting outfit prepares you to spread good vibes and even let you think positively.

Why CG Tailors Are Best Suited To Ground Up Your Fabric & Style?

The Italian style represents a high-class status in the world of fashion. And there’s no better way than a custom made Suit in a well-produced outfit. CG Tailors is being managed by a team of proficient tailors that understands men and women’s preferences according to the latest trends and styles in fashion. The factors that portray CG Tailors an excellent reputation for Custom/Bespoke Suits in Belgium are:

  1. In Business for almost three decades; For the past 28 years, we have been delivering adept tailor-made Suits directly to end customers.
  2. Broad range of luxury fabrics; We give customers the privilege of choosing among premium Italian- and English clothing fabrics.
  3. Intriguing cuts and designing options; There are several styling options you can choose from as per your wishes & desires.
  4. Impeccable fitting of clothes; We design Blazers, Trousers and Shirts with absolute measurements giving you a good fitting.
  5. Custommade Garments in many styles; At CG Tailors, you’ll always find a smarter way to suit up for any event. We produce Wedding Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos, Blazers, Raincoats, Wintercoats, Waistcoats, Blazers and much more.

Have yourself benefitted by skilled tailors; A good quality tailored Suit is the gift we keep on providing. If you are looking for a smart Garment to look magnificent, then let our tailors assist you in bestowing a good impression. Simply reach CG Tailors via phone +32475266604 or fill the ‘contact us’ form at CG