Beautiful Tailored Suits Italian Style Custom Made To Measure for Women

Modern gentlemen and women are enduring fervently in our present society and the business world. Hence, a custom made-to-measure tailored Suit is imperative for every gentleman and lady to perfectly match their personality. At CG Tailors, we produce a broad range of modern style tailored Suits that are a pure blend of professionalism and elegance.
Since our organization is being managed by the team of proficient tailors, as a customer, you’ll not be disappointed with the ‘Work Of Art’, ‘Fabric Quality’, ‘Cuts & Design’ and ‘Artisan Stitching’. The fascinating detail, hand sews creativity and fashion amalgamation you find in our custom made suit is simply amazing and enough to create a solid first impression.


Why Choose CG Tailors for Bespoke Suits? CG Tailors lets you style in the way you desire. Our approach is quite simple and yields you a favorable outcome. CG tailors has been in a made-to-measure business for over 25 years and has never disappointed the expectations of men and ladies with the look, quality and feel.

• Straightforward process; our exceptional service for custom made suits in Belgium gives you the privilege to highlight your style. All you need to do is choose your fabric, have yourself measured and see the magic of our tailors.

• Fashion with Personalized Options; we produce your desired garment with options just like the way you want. Our tailors are well-introduced with the latest, trendy and classy trends in fashion. You’ll be surprised to see the many various styling options like contrast lining, waist shape, cuffs, buttons, pockets and many more.

• Perfect fitting is guaranteed; all suits are made to measure. In other words, it is tailored as per individual measurements and guarantees you a perfect fitting all the time.

Have yourself impressedby the excellent quality of our finished garment? If you are looking for a professional & outstanding quality suit in Belgium, then do make your next appointment with CG Tailors.