Cuts and Styles in Custommade Shirts Speak Loudly for Your Personality

Made to Measure Shirts

The significance of custom-made tailored shirts is frequently overlooked; especially when we have to wear them with our jackets or tuxedos. However, we fail to understand that the ultimate fitting of your shirt defines your overall appearance and how well your shirt fits plays a crucial role in bestowing first impression, e.g. for important meetings, presentations, marital events, and for any of your business occasions.

Made to Measure Shirts is still a classic example of a luxury garment, and we are proud to say that CG Tailors have gone beyond horizons by aiming to deliver the very best.

For our tailors, it’s not simply about creating, but rather designed to create impressive characteristics. A shirt handcrafted by the finest tailor which truly will be fitting your body. The unique facet of our organization is to make stunning cuts, to design with all style options and with which, we are able to offer customers a privilege to embrace the trend as per their first choice. The details you get is painstakingly awesome and will speak for your personality.

Even a decade later where men’s styles may have changed considerably, the touch of an experienced tailor hasn’t declined and is still considered an influential garment for any formal and/or casual occasion.

Explore Your Options With Made to Measure Shirts

The aim is to obtain a winning look where you simply cannot afford to fail. By covering extensive traits in fashionable styles, we bring you an overwhelming choice of collar styles, plead & cuff, fabrics & colours, etc. Our tailoring is an attention-to-detail approach where we pay special consideration to shirt size, collar, shoulders, arms, chest, and length. With a well-thought consideration, we begin to craft it with high-quality fabrics.

  • You can choose the style of 60+ different collars- Custom Made tailored shirts are the most versatile solutions to intriguing collar designs such as Point Collar, Spread Collar, and Button Down Collar.
  • Have the right cuff for your custom shirts- You can style your shirt appropriately as per the occasion. At CG Tailors, we bring you over 20+ options for Button Cuff, Cocktail Cuff, and French Cuff etc.

Do you wish to impress your connections with the most updated style? In the affirmative, don’t hesitate further and contact https://CGTAILORS.COM. Our representative will assist you in the best possible way of producing your finest custom-made garments.