Bespoke Suits and Trousers made to measure For Men and Women

CG Tailors, with its exceptional custom made to measure tailored suit, shirt, and trousers, has been setting up a benchmark in the realm of fashion and style. We have devoted ourselves to personalized garments with perfect fitting. Since the organization is being managed by a team of proficient tailors, the garments are produced by using high quality Italian and/or English fabrics and as a customer, you’ll therefore not be disappointed with the optimal look, quality, and feel. The comfortable wearing and ultra appearance will brighten up your personality and will make you feel special for any occasion.

Why Choose ‘CG Tailors’ for Your Custom Made Suits?

In the present day, CG TAILORS is seen as an exceptional choice for bespoke suits. Our customer oriented approach gives an understanding as to the client’s preferences such as what kind of garment is required, in what style and for what occasion and only then we proceed to produce the finest garment. Besides, it also gives us the satisfaction to give the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

The three-fold advantages by choosing CG Tailors for the best tailored suits are:

  • Personalized Services: CG Tailors custom made tailoring services are personalized as per each individual needs. The ultimate gesture allows us to deliver ‘service with a smile.’
  • High quality Fabrics and Well-Fitting: Each of our garments is handcrafted by the finest tailor in the atelier. You’ll adore the many details, impressive cuts & design, and the unavoidable appearance.
  • Potential To Production: CG Tailors understands the contemporary & modern fashion trends and produces the splendid piece of casual, formal and semi-formal garments according to clients’ wishes.

In addition our customers admire our excellent way of fulfilling the requirements. One can choose among a broad range of pre-designed formats or  you may create and claim your own style options. So if you are looking for an elegant made to measure suits, trousers and shirts then do make your next appointment with us.