Tailored Suits & Coats Made To Measure Classy & Casual Coats

Custom-made tailored suits and coats are the modern era’s fashionable trendsetter, especially for those men and women who seek something out of the box. One cannot deny the fact that to get a one of the kind garment, you have to choose with an original- and personal touch and this is exactly where our Custom made-to-measure services come into existence.

CG TAILORS, with its excellent bespoke tailoring, gives customers the opportunity to the freedom of their choices. In other words, with our custom-made services, you can select from high-quality Italian-& English fabrics, record your exact body measurements and design your own personal style. The ultimate look you gain with your splendid personal is garment will undoubtedly make you stand out from other competitors in the market.

What Can You Expect From CG Tailors?The level of personalization you gain with a custom-made garment is limitless. At CG Tailors, we understand the preferences of a client as to what kind of garment is required, the design and style, along with the composition of the fabrics as well as the desired layout of the respective garment. As a preeminent organization for high-quality suits, one can expect:

• Impeccable quality and fitting; Each and every garment are produced according to your body measurements thus providing you an optimal fitting and wearing comfort.
• High-quality products; Since CG Tailors is being managed by a team of proficient tailors you will get an excellent quality garment to be it a Suit, Blazer, Winter-Coat, Trousers, Shirt, Jacket, Body-Coat, Dress-Coat, Waist-Coat, Rain-Coat.

• Broad Range of Styling Options; With CG Tailors, one can explore an unlimited variety of high-quality Italian- & English fabrics which let you apply as per your desired garment.
• Excellent quality of Production; The cutting of fabrics and the garment production are professionally carried out and delivers you a flawless garment. This provides you with an obviously superior feeling of wearing and comfort.


Imagine Yourself in a Bespoke Garment of Excellence; If you are seeking a beautiful formal and/or casual garment, then make your next appointment with CG Tailors.